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The Ravenell Dynasty Trilogy,  Book One-Enduring Love written by Kamrynn Bellary

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Kamrynn invites adult audiences to experience the intrigue of this international timeless saga of intense family mystery and the romantic love relationship between Nicolaus and Deirdre.

Nicolaus Ravenell, a strikingly handsome military hero, provides Deirdre Omari, an elegant beauty and lawyer, the kind of innocent love and dreamy romance every woman wants and needs. Will their destined love be forfeited to rescue the Ravenell family billion dollar empire?

Will Nicolaus and Deirdre fulfill their destined lives? 

Will their unique love, celestially propelled through generations, survive a cruel scheme to break them apart?

Europe Books is proud to present: “The Ravenell Dynasty Trilogy. Book One Enduring Love”, a book by Kamrynn Bellary

Austin, Texas, USA

Home Town

Tallin, Estonia

Ancestrial Home

Riga, Latvia

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Deirdre plans their wedding

Their love for each other and their religious beliefs sustain them