Kamrynn Bellary, Author

Kamrynn Bellary lived much of her life in Texas, and now happily lives in Colorado, in the USA, where she contributes to the field of healthcare.  Kamrynn accomplished a Master’s degree in Public Affairs, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Psychology.  Kamrynn has one daughter, who has made wonderfully positive impacts upon society.  In her spare time, Kamrynn likes to take in the beautiful scenery of Colorado, nourish her soul through performing arts, travel, learn about history, and assist in charitable causes for children.  

Kamrynn is a strong believer in romantic and long-lasting love, and she believes in giving to assist those in need and to make this world a better place. 

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The Ravenell Dynasty Trilogy

written by

Kamrynn Bellary

 Available Everywhere

in the USA and internationally, online,and by print order 

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intriguing: emotional: gripping:

Kamrynn invites adult readers to experience the intrigue of this international timeless saga of intense family mystery and the romantic love relationship between Nicolaus and Deirdre.


BOOK ONE - ENDURING LOVE:  (Can undeniable love be broken?)

Nicolaus Ravenell, a strikingly handsome military hero, provides Deirdre Omari, an elegant beauty and lawyer, the kind of innocent love and dreamy romance every woman wants and needs. Ceil, the matriarch, attempts to deny their destined love, through a cruel scheme, betting the entirety of the family empire, to ensure their break up,trying to run them off.  

Even though Nicolaus is the new Vice-President of his father's company, will he abandon Deirdre at the altar after a ten year engagement, to rescue the Ravenell family billion dollar empire, or will this prestigious family suddenly become penniless?

Will the unique love between Nicolaus and Deirdre, celestially propelled through generations, survive the cruel scheme to break them apart?

BOOK TWO - RAPTURED LOVE: (Will loyalty to family and Godly faith endure?)

Ceil maliciously goes after Nicolaus, as she continually strives towards her goal of being rid of him, FOREVER!!  

Having to deal with the younger brother's ruthless obsession of her, Deirdre, stands by Nicolaus through his tribulations, while caring for abandoned children.  

Nicolaus garners effective success with the company, and good work in the international community, with Deirdre by his side. However, Ceil continues her scheming against Nicolaus. Just how much more is Ceil willing to risk to be rid of Nicolaus?  

Nicolaus and Deirdre only want to love each other, start their family, and make a small difference in the world, giving reverence to God. However, tragedy strikes again, just as Francesca, their loving cousin, discovers an ancestral curse upon the family. Where will this all end? 


Will Nicolaus and Deirdre navigate through the next tragedy around the corner, clinging onto their love for each other, and their love for God?  (STAY TUNED)!!

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Deirdre plans their wedding

Their love for each other and their religious beliefs sustain them


The "Good Works" Charity Corporate Grant

In honor of Nicolaus and Deirdre, the amazing fictional characters of “The Ravenell Dynasty” adult book series, the author, Kamrynn Bellary, has generated The “Good Works”  Charity Corporate Grant, reverencing God’s commandment for us to love each other, to help the defenseless children, and to help those needing care.